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Ayurveda Bodywork Offerings

Insights of New Orleans offers the following body work treatments to assist in each client’s healing and restoration of balance.  Receiving Ayurvedic bodywork is a wonderful adjunct to each client’s individual diet and lifestyle plan derived during the initial Ayurvedic consultation.  Ayurvedic Body Work offerings greatly increase each client’s progress and are highly recommended for all Ayurvedic wellness clients.
Snehana (Oil Massage)
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Swedana (Therapeutic Heat)
Shirodara (Dripping of Oil on the Forehead)
An hour-long massage in which warm, medicated oil is applied to the body using slow, relaxing strokes to allow for deep penetration into the tissues.  The herbal oil is selected based on the client’s doshic make-up and is infused with herbs specified in the Charaka Samhita (main Ayurvedic text) to restore balance.  Snehana makes the body supple, increases strength, reduces stress, and nourishes the tissues.  Snehana is a Sanskrit word that means kindness, tenderness, and love.  This massage is thoroughly soothing and enjoyable.
This treatment follows Snehana and involves the application of therapeutic heat (medicated vapor) to the body.  Swedana causes the body’s channels to dilate, which allows for the deeper penetration of the oil and the creation of an expanded inner pathway for the removal of toxins and waste products.  This gives the body more suppleness and flexibility.  Clients will enjoy a feeling of lightness and enthusiasm after receiving a Swedana treatment.
This treatment involves the dripping of warm oil in a steady stream on the forehead, particularly on the brow in the region between the eyes.  Shirodara pacifies Vata dosha and calms the central nervous system as it quiets the mind and senses to allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to release stress.  This treatment is 20 minutes long and uses oils made with special herbs to calm and nourish the nervous system.  Clients can expect improved mental clarity and greater comprehension after receiving Shirodara.
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