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At Insights of New Orleans, clients receive help in a  friendly, supportive atmosphere in which they are  encouraged to explore challenges and discover  possibilities for change.  A caring staff assists  individuals, couples, and families to overcome  obstacles to achieve their goals.  Insights of New  Orleans believes in the importance of strengthening  relationships and incorporates present and historical  factors that influence each client’s quality of life.   
“Counseling is a journey that leads each client to discover his or her inner strength to promote discovery and growth.”  Suzanne McCann
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Insights of New Orleans offers a variety of specialty services that address addiction, recovery from trauma, and crisis intervention.  Whether you have previously sought counseling or are new to this experience, we encourage you to contact Insights of New Orleans to receive support in a warm, understanding, and confidential setting.
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Our Philosophy Insights of New Orleans believes in the client’s capacity to heal and relies on each client’s inner strength as a resource for healing.  The therapist serves as a guide to assist the client in meeting goals that are collaboratively established at the beginning of the counseling relationship.  At Insights, counseling embraces a client-centered philosophy in which the client controls the pacing of therapy while the therapist provides the motivation and path to solutions and change.  Counseling results in an increased capacity for coping, belief in oneself, and stronger interpersonal relationships. 
The Counseling Process We view counseling as a process in which the client and the therapist develop trust and an understanding to work collaboratively to define and explore present problem situations and develop future goals for an improved quality of life.  We incorporate a systemic orientation in working toward the realization of counseling goals.
Experiental Sandtray Therapy Experiential Sandtray Therapy (EST) is a psychodynamic, dramatic therapeutic intervention developed by Sue McCann and inspired by Dr. Gisela DeDomenico’s Sandtray- Worldplay techniques.   EST allows for healing, developing insight, and accessing the positive aspects of self.  During this process, the client projects feelings and problems into a world created with miniature figurines that represent aspects of the builder’s experience.  This method is ideal for individuals, couples, and family members of all ages.  EST is a positive alternative to traditional “talk therapy” in that it is a non-threatening experience that is entirely client-directed.  The therapist serves as a guide to support the client through an empowering healing process.  EST can be used to strengthen parent-child and couple relationships in unique ways that often cannot be obtained through traditional forms of intervention.  Sue McCann devised this creative technique after completing intensive training with Dr. DeDomenico at her Vision-Quest into Symbolic Reality Center in Oakland, California.
Couple Counseling In marital and couple counseling, Insights views the relationship as the client with the expectation that each member of the couple remains responsible for examining his or her part in strengthening the relationship.  Couple counseling is a two- tiered process that involves building trust through practicing positive patterns of communication before exploration of specific areas of conflict.  When appropriate, couples have the opportunity to strengthen their connection and weaken defenses through participation in experiential and creative interventions.  Therapy also explores historical and multigenerational effects, such as the effect of past trauma or loss, which might interfere with perception and honest communication.  Couple counseling is a collaborative endeavor in which the therapist and clients share the responsibility for the outcome of treatment.  Clients should leave each session knowing where they are in the process with a renewed hope for growth and change. To learn more about wellness offerings for couples click here.,
Addiction Counseling For clients struggling with addiction, Insights focuses on individual recovery as well as the recovery of members of the addicted person’s family  Developing a commitment to abstinence as well as focusing on underlying issues that contribute to the client’s addictive behavior maximizes the recovering person’s chance to overcome the addiction.  Insights of New Orleans specializes in addressing the effects of past trauma and abuse on the client’s compulsive behavior.  Experiential work, including Sandtray- Worldplay, frequently assists recovering clients in finding their path to healing.  Insights also focuses on the effects of addiction on child and adolescent members of the family.

Specialty Therapies

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Clients who are grieving or recovering from trauma are at risk for developing stress-related emotional and physical symptoms.  These symptoms can cause imbalances in the mind and body that can become chronic if not addressed.   Insights of New Orleans offers a unique protocol of creative and supportive therapies to help clients overcome the effects of grief as well as those suffering from traumatic events.  Each client receives a comprehensive assessment and an individualized treatment plan to address mind-body issues and expedite moving through the grief process.  A combination of didactic and experiential therapies provide a compassionate framework for healing and recovery for individuals, couples, and families.  Insights of New Orleans particularly recognizes the effect of grief on family systems and couple relationships.  When possible and when desired, help is offered to members of the extended family.
Insights of New Orleans offers an array of therapies to assist with stress management.  If unchecked, clients can develop emotional symptoms such as anxiety, anger, depression, apathy, poor concentration, irritability, compulsivity, and disturbed relationships.  Stress can also manifest in the physical body in the form of headaches, insomnia, poor digestion, changes in appetite, low immunity, dental problems, infection, inflammation, and many other conditions.  Clients work collaboratively with the therapist to create a menu of holistic treatment modalities to best restore balance to the body and mind.  Clients leave sessions with a renewed sense of empowerment, rejuvenation, and vitality.
Grief Counseling and Trauma Resolution
Stress Management