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Experiential Couple Work

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Experiential Couple Work offers a menu of modalities  to enhance and strengthen couple relationships. The  practitioner works with each couple to devise an  integrative plan to meet each couple’s individual  needs. All interventions involve mind-body modalities  that allow each client to tap into personal strengths to  edify the couple relationship. 
Breathwork – Couples receive coaching in Pranayama, or the use of the breathing exercises to control energy in the body and mind.  Couples learn to use the breath to act as a vitalizing and regenerating force that can be used for physical and emotional healing. Experiential Sandtray – Couples work together with the practitioner to explore historical or subconscious sources of stress that interfere with communication and the emotional health of the relationship.  The practitioner invites each client to develop awareness of individual influences and provides opportunity for growth and change.  Couples are guided through a process of co-constructing “worlds” using miniature figurines that are placed in trays of different colors and textures of sand.  Worlds are representative of internal processes and reflect memories, emotions, relationships, struggles, etc., and once constructed, allow the couple to gain insight into the dynamics of their connection.  The practitioner then guides couples through a series of client-centered experiences to transform and strengthen the couple relationship.      To read more about Experiential Sandtray, click here. Phoenix Rising Therapy – Based on the concept of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combined with yoga for couples, Phoenix Rising Therapy offers couples the experience of movement, touch, and dialogue to promote resiliency and change.  Under the compassionate guidance of the practitioner, couples explore a series of postures that generate internal awareness, access individual resources, and strengthen the couple connection.  As a result of Phoenix Rising Therapy, couples are more able to let go of defenses, problem-solve, and embrace hope for the future.  Couples who have experienced Phoenix Rising Therapy report increased optimism, peace, and greater intimacy. Couples participate together in a centering mediation, follow the practitioner’s guidance through a series of selected postures, and integrate the experience in a closing exercise.  During this process, each member of the couple practices actively listening to their partner and reflects back what is said to validate feelings and increase capacity for empathy.  Through Phoenix Rising Therapy, couples are often able to get in touch with original sources of connection that strengthen the couple relationship.      To read more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, click here. Couple Reiki - Couples experience relaxation and the opportunity to change unhealthy patterns of interacting through specific Reiki treatment modalities.  Since many ways of communicating and relating are reflective of stubborn, conditioned neurological patterns, Reiki is extremely helpful in reducing reactivity in couple relationships.  During Reiki sessions, couples may be treated together or individually to soften defenses and allow for new ways of being.  After receiving Reiki, couples experience greater relaxation and more harmonious relationships. Ayurveda Consultation – Couples may co-participate in an Ayurveda consultation to promote physical and emotional well-being.  Based on an ancient medical healing modality from India, Ayurveda offers the restoration of balance to the body and mind through specific alterations in diet and lifestyle.  Couples meet together with the practitioner to receive assessment of their imbalances and co-commit to healthy dietary and lifestyle changes according to a prescribed protocol.  Ayurveda treatment may also include the prescription of herbs, medicated oil, and Ayurveda bodywork to restore health.  Insights conveniently supplies clients with a variety of authentically procured Ayurvedic products.      To read more about Ayurveda Consultation, click here.
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