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Open-Ended Journey

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Who would benefit from Open-Ended Journey sessions? Clients who are recovering from or experiencing: Historical or recent traumatic events Grief and loss Chronic stress Transition and change Depression Anxiety Low self-esteem Compulsive behaviors What are some of the benefits of Open-Ended Journey sessions? Increased concentration and resiliency New insight and ability to let go of the past Deep relaxation Empowerment, confidence and clarity of thinking Stable mood Enhanced ability to deal with stress What happens during a session? During an Open-Ended Journey Session, the practitioner offers a brief centering meditation while the client is in a seated position with his eyes closed.  The practitioner then uses blankets and other props to make each client comfortable while lying down on a padded mat.  The client is guided to imagine he is embarking on a healing journey and instructed to speak out loud about what he is experiencing. The practitioner witnesses the client’s journey and reflects back to the client some of the exact words he says.  At the end of the session, the client returns to a seated position for integration, during which the client gains insight regarding how the experience relates to his life and may lead to change. Why does it work? The underlying philosophy is that stressful, historical events or experiences affect our nervous system and can be deeply stored in our bodies, even at a cellular level.  When the body is in a state of relaxation, the thinking mind can be quieted to allow access to stored memories and images that may be keeping us emotionally stuck or making us physically ill.  The Open-Ended Journey capitalizes on the belief that all clients have the capacity to be resilient.  Sessions allow clients to tap into their inner strengths to let go of past influences and current behaviors that are not serving them well.  Open-Ended Journeys provide a clearing of the past and make space for growth, transformation and change.
The Open-Ended Journey provides  each client with a dynamic, meditative  experience that offers healing and self-  discovery. During journey sessions,  clients access a more subtle level of  consciousness that bypasses the  thinking mind to allow for deeper  transformation and change.  As clients  experience this work, they are able to  tap into creative and imaginative  spaces that provide for relaxation and  restoration. 
Sessions last for 75 minutes.  Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothing and avoid eating a heavy meal before each Open-Ended Journey experience.
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