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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

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Sue McCann with Michael Lee, founder of Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a type of mind/body therapy that provides clients with a meditative experience that allows for the release of tension, the experience of deep relaxation, and the acquisition of insight.  This model of therapy is based on the belief that we hold memories and constricted energy in our body from past and present events that contribute to physical and emotional ailments.  PRYT allows for the release of deeply held manifestations of stress and offers opportunity for transformation, healing, and increased resiliency.
PRYT is a one-on-one experience that facilitates self-exploration through hands-on therapy that uses the body and breath in a supportive environment.  The PRYT Practitioner guides clients through a series of movements and assisted postures that help promote the reduction of stress, pain relief and greater self- awareness.  PRYT is a client-centered intervention that encompasses the belief that our bodies offer us a wealth of information and recognizing its messages can provide a roadmap for healing.  PRYT acknowledges that each client has his or her own capacity to heal as the practitioner merely “holds space” and provides the mechanism for the natural healing process to occur.
This uplifting opportunity is provided in a confidential, compassionate setting in which the practitioner supports the client in exploring assisted postures while using client-centered dialogue that taps into each person’s inner strengths.  PRYT brings about personal transformation as each client explores, releases, and integrates deeply held tensions.  Through dialoguing, each client speaks about what he/she is experiencing throughout the session to allow for self-exploration and self-discovery.  Clients often recognize patterns of habitual physical and/or emotional tension that are linked to ways of thinking and being in daily life.  PRYT is a dynamic, holistic intervention that promotes healing and coping for those suffering from chronic pain and illness. Before your first session, we will provide you with a client history form to complete and bring to the initial meeting.  We will also send you some general information about PRYT, including a helpful article and a link to a short video about this work.  We encourage you to e-mail us or call us at the office if you have any questions or concerns before your appointment. It is helpful to arrive for your session on time and refrain from eating a heavy meal or drinking an excess of fluid before your appointment.  You are encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for relaxation, movement, and stretching.
What to Expect During the First Session     Introduction  The practitioner will ask you to remove your shoes and you will be guided to a warm comfortable room where you can choose to begin the session in a seated position on a padded mat or in a chair.  She will then provide you with a brief overview of the session followed by a series of questions about your past and current health.  You will have ample time to inform her of any physical or emotional concerns before the session begins.  Once all of your questions are answered and concerns are voiced, the practitioner will ask you to assume a comfortable seat and close your eyes.  The rest of the time during the session, your eyes will be closed so distractions are minimized and you can turn your attention inward. Centering  During the next part of the session, the practitioner will take you through a guided meditation during which you will be asked to focus on your breathing and sensations associated with your physical body.  As you do so, you will be asked to speak out loud about whatever you notice, including physical sensations, thoughts, memories, sounds, and feelings.  The practitioner will use a technique called “Feeding it Back,” which entails saying back to you some of the words you say.  This allows you to witness your own experience and go deeper into the process of developing awareness.   Assisted Postures  At this point of the session, the practitioner will initiate movement and touch as she guides you through a series of assisted postures, or positions that provide opportunity for deeper exploration.  She will offer you light touch, compression, and/or traction (stretch) to facilitate your experience.   You will be invited to explore what PRYT calls “edges,” which are places that you’d like to stay at for a while, including places which provide not too much or too little physical sensation or emotional experience.  PRYT embraces the exploration of edges, as they often allow for release, transformation, and change.     Integration  At the conclusion of the session, the practitioner will ask you to come back to a seated position while keeping your eyes closed.  She will guide you through exploration of a series of questions to see how what you noticed during your session connects to your life.  At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to establish a goal or next step to help put your insight into action.
What clients are saying about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions “I left my session feeling deeply relaxed with a renewed sense of peace and optimism for the future.  I was able to let go of the effects of a loss from my childhood and found the strength to make positive changes in my life.”   Leslie, Teacher “I saw the light and received hope.  I was able to become aware of how I need to get where I need to be.”  Mary, Graduate Student “I was able to visit my innermost fears and feelings that I couldn’t get to before.  I detached from things that cause me fear or apprehension.”  Tom, Nurse “The session was very helpful and relaxing.  It helped me to listen inside and to understand different feelings.  I gained knowledge of how my body feels and how this is connected to my emotions.”  Kay, Accountant
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