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                                                                                                                                            1 day - 6 hour  Insights of New Orleans offers specialized training in the provision of services to families who are challenged by trauma, loss, and/or extreme stress.  The number of participants is limited in order to maximize this training experience, where case-study, videotaped sessions, and a ‘hands on’ approach support each participant’s ability to provide true help to those in crisis.  This workshop provides an overview of the neurobiology of trauma and effective techniques to facilitate recovery for all family members.


                                                                                    2 day - 12 hour  - 27 hour Experiential Sandtray is a dynamic intervention that can be used with adults, adolescents, and children.  Based on the Sandtray-Worldplay method developed by Dr. Gisela DeDomenico, this technique involves projecting feelings and problems into a world that the client brings to life with miniature figurines that represent aspects of the builder’s experience.  Experiential Sandtray is an effective intervention for the strengthening and healing of individuals, couples, and families. This exciting workshop will provide mental health professionals with a basic  knowledge of how to set up a sandtray space, basic sandtray techniques, and applications for use with different populations. 
                                                              2 day - 12 hour Prerequisite: Sandtray – Level I  27 hour This training is designed to follow Experiential Sandtray, Level I, and will focus on a deepening of skills and the therapist’s personal journey in sandtray.   Participants will learn about special topics including divorce, addiction, trauma, sexual abuse, adoption, and marital therapy.  The workshop will involve in-depth review of case studies, demonstration, and experiential methods.
                                                                                                                 2 hours  - 27 hour This 2-hour session is designed for individuals to explore their own process in Experiential Sandtray as a method to increase the clinician’s capacity to facilitate client sessions.  Private sessions will encompass building, experiencing, and processing worlds according to the Experiential Sandtray therapist’s level of competence.  Participants are encouraged to bring a camera and a journal to session.  Homework will be given to expand the clinician’s individual experience.
During her years of extensive training and providing direct care, Sue McCann has developed a uniquely effective expertise working with individuals, couples and families.  Years of front-line experience and an impressive history of specialized training have resulted in Sue being able to help clients to establish what treatment protocol(s) will best serve them and their families as they embark on the counseling journey.  Wanting to share her expertise with colleagues and other professionals, as well as to continue the dialogue that serves to enhance the counseling profession, Sue provides a number of workshops and training opportunities.  The following training sessions are offered on a rotating basis. Please feel free to contact us about upcoming sessions or for any specialized or custom workshops in which you are interested.
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                                                                           3 hours - 27 our This workshop provides each participant with the opportunity to examine lifestyle choices and assess current levels of stress.  Workshop content covers the neurobiology of stress and ways to restore balance to our bodies and minds. Trainees will receive an overview of holistic healing modalities including Experiential Sandtray, Ayurveda, Breathwork, Reiki, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.  This dynamic workshop is experiential and will provide participants with the opportunity to commit to change and begin a personal journey into wellness.
                                                                      3 hours   - 27 hour This presentation is a must for those who are interested in learning about the fundamentals of Ayurveda.  Trainees will learn about how Ayurveda works and gain insight into how to restore balance using diet and lifestyle modifications.  Workshop participants will receive information regarding the mind-body connection and how Ayurveda incorporates our relationship with food and lifestyle choices into a protocol for wellness. 
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                                                            6 hours - 27 hour Incorporating the curriculum provided by the International Center for Reiki Training, this class provides each attendee with a thorough understanding of the nature and origin of Reiki healing.  Participants will receive an attunement to allow each student to channel Reiki energy.  Specific Japanese Reiki techniques will be covered as well as the Hayashi Reiki Healing Guide.  Additional information will be offered regarding the subltle energy body including how to balance chakras, work with meridians, and use marma points during sessions with clients.  At the conclusion of this training, students will be able to use Reiki to self-treat and offer sessions to clients. Graduates receive certification as a Reiki I Practitioner.
                                                                                          6 hours - hour This class is open to all who have completed Usui Reiki I training. This training introduces and provides students with knowledge and an attunement to use the three Reiki II symbols.  Students will increase their knowledge of how to use Reiki to heal unwanted habits and offer distant healing.  Several more Japanese Reiki techniques will be covered as well as opportunity to practice skills learned in Reiki I.  Participants will fine-tune their ability to offer Reiki sessions and learn how to establish a Reiki practice.  Graduates receive certification as a Reiki II Practitioner.
                                                                                  6 hours - 27 hour This class is for students who have completed Reiki I and II training and provided sessions to clients for a minimum of six months. This one-day intensive class includes the Usui Master attunement and introduction to the Usui Master symbol, which increase the strength of Reiki energy.  Students will learn and practice special Reiki meditation to increase one's ability to stay present and expand consciousness.  This class also covers advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and achieve goals with a special focus on how to remove negative effects of historical stress.  The curriculum addresses how to use crystals and provides each practitioner with materials to construct a Reiki grid.  Other techniques address how to use Reiki for protection,  how to clear auras, and how find your Reiki guides. Graduates receive certification as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.
                                                                 2 day - 12 hours s- 27 hour This class is for students who have completed Advanced Reiki Training (ART). Reiki Master Training prepares each participant to teach Reiki I, II, ART, and Master Reiki classes.  Detailed instruction and practice regarding how to give attunements is at the core of this curriculum.  Students will also learn how to use the Healing Attunement technique to treat clients. Instruction is also provided in Advanced Reiki meditation techniques and how to teach and structure Reiki classes.  Graduates receive certification as a Reiki Master.

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